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Helena and Calistoga in the northernmost part of the Myacamas range that forms the western rim of the Napa Valley.

Strait wine company

Dyer Straits Wine Co. Thank you Peter for your efforts and thank you Bill and Dawnine Dyer for doing what you love, and doing it oh so very well. The finessed, elegant side of Diamond Mountain comes through in spades.

A pedigreed, silky wine, the impresses for its exceptional balance and pure class. Today the aromas and flavors are naturally quite primary, so readers will want to cellar the for at least a few years.

The only bad news is that yields were down significantly and there are only cases to go around versus the that is more typical. The wine has a linearity that defines elegance, yet is rich in blackberries and cassis, with oak nuances. Together they represent more than 80 years of experience in the wine industry.

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Helena and Calistoga in the northernmost part of the Myacamas range that forms the western rim of the Napa Valley. These wineries are not only good neighbors but are also all producers of superb and collectable Cabernet Sauvignon.

Our site looks to be an ancient rockslide from the hillside above. Ripping the soil to remove rocks in preparation for planting proved futile, so we pushed the largest ones to side, and live with the remainder. Streaks of gravel, chalky tuft, and red soil, all volcanic in origin surround the riolytic stones.

Crop levels are low in this difficult site, and have never exceeded 2. The vineyard was planted in to all five Bordeaux varieties: Early on we found that the Malbec did not perform well on this site and budded it over to more Cabernet Sauvignon. More recently we have concluded the Cabernet Franc was particularly complimentary to our blend, and after the vintage we budded the Merlot vines to give more Franc.

As this is a hillside vineyard we are farming with a permanent cover crop a mix of clover and grasses to minimize erosion. For weed control we rely on weed whackers and use no herbicides. We have no insect problems and have never used pesticide.

We use organic sprays only in controlling mildew and botrytis. This is our front yard after all- we cleared the land and planted the vineyard and it is important to us that we be responsible stewards of the property. For more information about anything wine in Ontario, visit.Get wine from The Singapore Straits Wine Company delivered to your home or office by Deliveroo!

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Strait wine company

LTD., find and apply to jobs that match your skills, and connect with people to advance your career. The Straits Wine Co. @ Chambers Grill, KL Hilton We recently had the pleasure of meeting two very accomplished Winemakers from Australia – James Kirby of Hungerford Hill & David Knight of Oddfellows Australia, at a recent Wine dinner, organized by The Straits Wine Co.

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