A discussion on geopolitics and its ideas

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A discussion on geopolitics and its ideas

More specifically, it can denote geographic conditions, such as the presence of natural resources in a bounded area. Whether geography should be considered a static or a dynamic factor has also been subject to debate.

Causality and its intensity is another cause of disagreement, with some arguing that geography is decisive for political outcomes geographic determinism. An alternative view is that geographic and political processes mutually influence each other.

Finally, intellectual discord has originated in the descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive possibilities of geopolitical research. Are experts in the field capable of analyzing the interaction between geography and politics objectively?

Is it desirable that these experts are involved in formulating policy advice? And is a geopolitical specialist able to produce reliable forecasts? As a working definition for this contribution, the study of the ways space and power are linked would be appropriate. Please note that this bibliography concerns publications in English, French, German and Dutch.

General Overviews Geopolitics made a slow comeback starting in the s, after its popularity among leading figures of the Third Reich had made it taboo. Hepple gives a good overview of the reemergence of geopolitical thought in the s and s.

Mamadouh documents the different directions this discipline has since sought. In its discussion of various strands, Parker focuses on how classical geopolitical theories can be applied in future research.

Kliot and Newman concentrates on critical approaches to geopolitics and discusses issues such as cross-border flows, territory, and sovereignty. Csurgai provides an introduction to geopolitical thought, geopolitical models, and geostrategy, in which one can sense a French influence.

In an engaging way, Moreau Desfarges gives a French perspective on geopolitical ideas from France and abroad. Criekemans offers a very broad overview of geopolitical thought that covers more than a century and many countries.

Van der Wusten and Mamadouh tell the hi story of geopolitics, examine its relevance for the Netherlands and explore possible futures of the concept. The website Exploring Geopolitics contains interviews with traditional, critical, and French geopolitical scholars and accessible articles about key themes, such as sovereignty, national identity, and cartography.

The stimulating nature of this work is further enhanced by its coverage of many centuries of geopolitical thought, starting with the role of geopolitics avant la lettre in the ancient Greek world. An English translation of this Dutch book would be valuable, as this broad overview of the geopolitical discipline deserves a global audience.

A discussion on geopolitics and its ideas

Edited by Leonhardt van Efferink. The floor is given to both traditionally oriented and critically oriented scholars so as to offer a broad and general overview of geopolitics. He argues that geographers should play an active role in contextualizing geopolitical problems.

Five minutes for critical geopolitics: A slightly provocative introduction |

This article stimulated the emerging academic debate on geopolitics in Anglo-Saxon academia in the s after the discipline had become taboo following the collapse of the Third Reich in Available online for purchase or by subscription. Kliot, Nurit, and David Newman, eds. Geopolitics at the End of the Twentieth Century: The Changing World Political Map.

Cass Studies in Geopolitics. The authors present important concepts, such as statehood, regionalization, and deterritorialization. This book made an important contribution to the debate on how to problematize key spatial concepts.

One Flag, Many Meanings. Moreover, the author examines the position of geostrategy and geoeconomics within geopolitical thought. The article is highly recommended for undergraduates and a nonacademic audience for its conciseness, accessible style, and breadth.

A discussion on geopolitics and its ideas

In all, the book offers an engaging French perspective on geopolitics for a broad audience. Past, Present, and Future. Van der Wusten, Herman, and Virginie Mamadouh.

Amsterdam University Press, It offers an accessible perspective on geopolitics that includes both historical references and thoughts about the future, clarified by many relevant examples in the form of texts, images and maps.

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But they are not -- never were. affairs, regardless of whether they are commonly labeled as critical geopolitics. Geopolitics and Its Discontents To understand the intellectual and political concerns of critical geopolitics, we must Friedrich Ratzel’s ideas of living space grew out of the widespread anxiety.

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